Robin Andriel
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little feedback from my listening

Sat, 08. Mar. 2008 13:10

Listening at into the blue, i was wondering if you use some inspirations from musics you can hear in the movies or some tv series, or from styles like celtic music.

For example, "the ship" (track 5) let me think of the chieftains. I found a little something of the tv serie "24" in "the deep" (track 16) and "lost" and even "startrek the original serie" in "in the doldrums" ! (track 11).
But perhaps it's just me and i mistaken completely !

I like very much the first track "incognita", it's a very good beginning for the album and his theme, with a good rythm and a mix of vocals which give me the feeling of a powerful adventure. /:)

It becoming even more intense when, at 1:30 of the track, you have the same rythm this time more orchestral. Excellent !

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