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Hello to all !

Posted: Fri, 07. Mar. 2008 12:04
by Robin Andriel
Hello to all,

i hope it's the good place to post to say hello. I'm french and i don't understand a word in german, sorry!

Browsing on the web some days ago, i found "radio rivendell", a good fantasy radio on the net, but i'm sure you already know it. Looking at their download section, i found medley from Erdenstern, and as a result, the site here.

What a good surprise ! i ordered "into the blue", and only 2 days later, i had it in my box. What a good music in my opinion !

It's really a good music to "escape" in the fantastic world of the mind, and to work the imagination. I am a big fan of roleplay and things fantastic from a long time - i have 38 - (online games or games, books, movies and series), i knew some artists or musics, like jeremy soule for example, and i'm very happy to know Erdenstern now, with a great professionnal music like the ones i like.

And i'm double happy of the welcome when i ordered the CD, with a personnalised answer from Eva-Maria, and i must mention, an answer from Per too when i had to ask for a little technic thing.

Usually, i feel like i am a robot when i have an answer, but this time i felt it was a real person i am talking to, what a pleasure !

I'll probably do others posts, sorry in advance if perhaps i ask or tell things already in the messages, but again i don't understand a thing, like the chinese *smile*

Thank you again ! :D

Posted: Fri, 07. Mar. 2008 14:06
by Farean
Bonjour Robin, and welcome to our nice little board! /:) Just feel free to post in English, I believe everyone here'll be fine with that.

So, tell a bit about yourself, if you like. What's your occupation? Where in France are you living? What's your favourite RPG, etc.?

Posted: Sat, 08. Mar. 2008 0:35
by Robin Andriel
I'm living near Cannes (there is a big movie festival there in may) and i'm currently planning to launch a "web agency", to make web sites.

As i said in the last post, i'm a fan of all things "fantastic" in general, since the young age.

I began my "computer adventures" on apple IIe, playing ultima III, at age.. hmm 14 i think!. Since that time, i'm a fan of the Ultima saga. I'm still playing time to time at ultima online with people who play "roleplay" there. I tried everquest II and Vanguard too. My conclusion : it's the community which is important, perhaps more than the game itself. In this kind of "worlds online", if the community play Roleplay like you, you can have very good moment.

I appreciate very much a good music when i'm there, i often turn off the music game to put something else; what better than Erdenstern ! In fact, i'm listening to "Into the blue" (i'm waiting for the others) for 2 days now, working at my computer. Damn, I hope i'm not too addict !

Also, I discovered the universe of dungeon and dragon at 13 year old, but i almost never played it with others because i was alone. Nevertheless, i had, and i still have, lots of rulebooks about it. With them it was more easy to use my imagination and travel to fantastic places.

I'm also a fan of the forgotten realms universe, and particularly RA SALVATORE as author. Perhaps some thinks there is better things to read, but i like the stories and the storylines a lot.

I like differents kind of musics, from classical to pop/rock (like pink floyd for example), and particularly musics from movies. I'd like to be able to create musics myself, but i'll have a lot to learn !

i think you know me a little better now. I hope i will know some of you too :D

Thank you for your welcome II)

Posted: Sat, 08. Mar. 2008 11:17
by fastfox
So the word spreads worldwide now ? Great news for the community I think. :twisted:

Welcome aboard Robin !

Posted: Mon, 10. Mar. 2008 13:09
by Gezeiten
Salut Robin!

We have had a brief conversation by mail already, but I want to welcome you here as well!

We opened the english section of this board quite some time ago, but apart from me, no one has posted there yet. So it looks pretty uninhabited still (no wonder you chose the German "welcome" thread... ;))

But I hope once we start speaking a little English round here, more people are going to join in.
So: I am really glad we have such a number of great people around here, but at the moment, I am extra grateful for everyone who writes in English! :D


Posted: Tue, 11. Mar. 2008 0:26
by Robin Andriel
Thank you for your welcome II)

Posted: Wed, 09. Apr. 2008 14:32
by craze
I'm also a fan of the forgotten realms universe, and particularly RA SALVATORE as author. Perhaps some thinks there is better things to read, but i like the stories and the storylines a lot.
It's actually refreshing to see someone admitting it. ;) Drizzt-bashing (or drow-bashing in general, for that matter) is like the conversational default modus operandi with almost any roleplayer I know.
To say you actually enjoy the Salvatore-novels and the Realms in a room full of gamers normally borders on social suicide. *gg*

To me the Realms are and will be my favorite fantasy setting, no matter how cheesy it may seem compared to newer settings. ;) I hope they try not to hard to "hip it up" for the 4th edition. It's funny how everyone seems to be peeved about some aspect (at least) of the D&D-experience, while the vast majority plays it and, most of the time, sticks almost religiously to it.

So, welcome aboard fellow friend of the Realms.
(and btw, Erdenstern works perfectly well with the Setting)

Posted: Wed, 09. Apr. 2008 20:26
by Robin Andriel
Nice to see i'm not alone hehe :wink: