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The Urban Files

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Music inspired by the Dresden Files.

A gloomy breeze roams the streets of the city. Monstrous shadows creep across eyeless windows. Night has fallen, and it is raining. 

Music CD 79:48 Min 

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Medley The Urban Files

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This concept album tells the adventures of a supernatural private investigator - in a fantastical urban setting where the going gets tough. We explore the streets of the metropolis at night, meet enticing vampires, demigods and archangels and a bartender that knows far more than he'd let you in on. The composition is inspired by Jim Butcher's "The Dresden Files" a pinch of humour and a handful of darkness; a hard-boiled detective against a backdrop of Film Noir and a contemporary urban fantasy.

01 Introduction (1:19) - introductiory, large
02 Beyond The Windy City (3:31) – urban, rhythmic, flowing 
03 Supernatural Crime Scene (4:22) - dark, sentimental, sad
04 Investigation in Twilight (3:35) – lurking, rhythmical 
05 The Pub (3:30) -  oblique, moody, drunken
06 Preparation (4:12) magical, sacred, expectant
07 Fool Moon (3:46) rocking, brutal, strong
08 An Old Friend (3:44) melancholic, lonely 
09 Let’s Go Get’Em  (3:38)  casual, fast-paced 
10 Demigods and Archangels (3:24)  powerful, gigantic 
11 Femme Fatale (3:49) seductive, passionate
12 Underground (3:14) - gurgling, stuffy, dark   
13 The Council (3:49) sublime, powerful
14 Hunting The Beast (3:35) big, hectic, brutal 
15 The Twilight Club (3:22) cool, groovy, wicked
16 Temptation (3:39) - beautiful, seductive, quiet  
17 Afraid Of The Dark (3:40) - disturbing, lonely
18 On These Streets (3:00) calm, flowing, eeriel
19 Chicago Downtown Creatures (3:00) lively, bizarre 
20 Manifestation (2:57)  - huge, powerful, evil
21 A Final Straw (5:42) huge, hectic, epic
22 The Urban Files  (4:29) strong, driving, large

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