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Beyond The Library

The Hidden Soundtrack

There were a number of commissioned works and projects for which we were engaged since we published the first album in our "Library of the Fantastic music."
We had the chance to compose music for trailers, games and movies, for board games, audio plays and medieval games.

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In addition to some already known productions this compilation also contains previously unreleased material.
This first collection is devoted mainly to epic and dark fantasy, a glimpse into a dark future as well as a spiritual journey to the Far East. As a bonus, we include the final soundtrack that was composed for the production"The Tale of the Seven Swords", in a version with vocals and an instrumental version.
We are glad to have musically traveled so many adventurous places, and proud to present this in the form of a unique compilation. We thank all who have supported us along the paths beyond the library

  1. The First Inquisitor | calm, rising, complex
  2. These Epic Days | epic, meaningful, heroic
  3. The Reiters | proud, glorious
  4. Beyond the Maps | mysterious, rhythmic
  5. First Meeting | expectant, narrative
  6. Narfland | lively, unreal
  7. Master Waslik (Narfland) | solemn, thoughtful
  8. 13 Briefe | stirring, suspenseful
  9. Night Falls | eerie, driving
  10. Hungry | pressing, sneaky
  11. The Streets | lonely, rhythmic
  12. Change | unreal, thoughtful
  13. Spirits of Salvation | foreign, ancient, unfathomable
  14. Minotaur | impressive
  15. Acacia | sad, lonely
  16. Wings Of The Dragon | flying, rhythmic
  17. Into The Green – The Heroes Return | heroic, powerful, hopeful
  18. Thread of Time | sad, playful
  19. Bonus: Thread Of Time (instrumental)