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At The Mountains Of Madness

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Cthulhu Soundtrack

Music composed especially for the campaign

1933. An intrepid expedition research sets off into the eternal ice of Antarctica to reveal its last secrets. But what the expedition members find there is beyond the human imagination. 



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In the depths of a gigantic mountain range lie the remains of a forgotten Precambrian civilization. So the researchers inadvertently wake a horror that should better have been hidden under the ice.
This classic horror novel by H.P. Lovecraft and the cult Pen&Paper RPG Cthulhu serve as the basis for the tenth concept album by Erdenstern. Together with Frank Heller, writer and editor in chief of Cthulhu Germany and the French publisher of Cthulhu Sans DéTour they went on their probably most profound musical journey.
The soundtrack accompanies the researchers of the Starkweather-Moore expedition from New York to the depths of the Antarctic and takes the adventurers through the horror that lurks in the cold mountains of eternal ice. With the stylistic narrative power of symphonic film music, the composition describes the critical moments of the adventure. Important characters and events are accompanied by music, scenery is described, and the merciless struggle for survival with nature - and with things and beings against nature - set in an accent rich musical scene.

  1. 1933 (1:23)
  2. Mountains Of Madness (4:47) – dark, foreboding, rising
  3. The City That Never Sleeps (3:02) – jazzy, busy, lively
  4. Antarctic Moon (2:49) – quiet bar music
  5. Expedition Leader (3:57 – proud, bold
  6. The Dead Sailor (2:28) – weird, insidious, dark
  7. The (Un)known Beauty (3:51) – audacious, mysterious, seductive
  8. Sabotage (2:57) – destructive, unavoidable
  9. New York · Panama · Antarctica (4:20) – thoughtful, unreal
  10. Crossing-The-Line Ceremony (2:31) – lively, cheerful, vibrant
  11. Antarctica (4:07) – impressive, unreal
  12. The Abandoned Base Camp (4:05) – mysterious, adventurous
  13. Tempest And Ice (1:39)– tense, dark, dangerous
  14. Caves (3:47) – lonely, depressing
  15. The Wicked Germans (4:00) – jagged, energetic, relentless
  16. Reconnaissance Flight In The Mountains (3:00) Part One
  17. Reconnaissance Flight In The Mountains  (1:16) – exalted, rising
  18. 18 The Strange City (3:48)– foreign, threatening, unreal
  19. Let’s Explore It! (3:25) – powerful, heavy, tempting
  20. The Dark Tower (3:51) – hectic, urgent, closely
  21. The Old Ones (4:33) – vast, uncertain
  22. Will We Make It Back? (3:57) – lost, lonely, cold
  23. Monster (2:05) – evil, hypnotic
  24. The City That Never Sleeps Again (3:18) – concluding, uncertain

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