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The Dark Eye

Countless fantastic stories and adventures have already been set to music by Erdenstern. After eleven concept albums with atmospheric symphonic soundtracks for role playing games, we now start out for the online version of The Dark Eye.


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Medley Herokon

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  1. The Book Of Herokon (3:46) expectant, rising
  2. Welcome To The Adventure! (4:16) introductory, graceful
  3. This Is Home (2:36) folkloristic, placid
  4. Play The Old Tunes! (4:05) lively, cheerful
  5. Golden Leaves Of Autumn (4:21) calm, melancholic
  6. Over Wide Plains (4:28) uplifting, graceful, vast
  7. Thick Undergrowth (3:07) eerie, ghostly
  8. Cut And Thrust (3:15) rhythmic, driving
  9. Through The Quagmire (3:22) onerous, scary, sad
  10. Our Temple (3:58) powerful, bright, spherical
  11. For The King And For The People (4:32) heroic, proud
  12. Hold The Hillock! (2:40) militarily, rhythmic, driving
  13. In Dark Corners (3:33) menacing, lurking
  14. Dive Bar (3:34) drunk, coarse
  15. Three Feet Of Snow (3:21) cold, intense, huge
  16. The Academy Of Magic (3:31) busy, playful, magical
  17. Warriors To The Horizon (3:29) driving, gigantic
  18. In Front Of The Great Temple (3:42) impressive, solemn, huge
  19. Favorable Winds (3:49) lively, proud, intense
  20. Age Of Adventure (5:36) graceful, epic

© 2012 Silver Style Studios GmbH. Das Schwarze Auge (DSA) is a registered trademark of Significant Fantasy GbR. Das Schwarze Auge (DSA) appears under license of Chromatrix GmbH. 

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