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SILICIUM | Into The Grey II

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The End is The Beginning

The future. Humanity lives in overpopulated megacities, or searches vast, radioactive deserts for the last drops of drinkable water.

Musik CD 79:59 Min


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Medley Silicium

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Wars, famines and diseases have spread over the lost borders
of long-forgotten states. Technology is out of control and takes over where the arms of law and reason have become weak. Hot, uncontrollable storms of fire shred flesh and steel. Dwindling resources and the breakdown of law and order cause wars and new conflicts again and again. The world is bleeding –
and yet beneath the skeleton of ruins, there is something else lurking in the shadows. Something strange, something that perhaps does not even come from this world. And now it senses its opportunity.

Carbon has had its chance. Long live silicon!

Humanity fades into twilight. But the end can also be the beginning.

  1. The Future (5:26) rising, driving, impressive
  2. Megalopolis (3:42) cold, gigantic, threatening
  3. The Runners Awake (4:17) flowing, confident
  4. Welcome To The Club (3:52) strange, driving, rhythmic 
  5. Born Into This World (4:47) hopeful, graceful, touching
  6. Uprising (4:07) determined, rhythmic, driving
  7. The Drug Works (3:18) surreal, floating
  8. Artificial Intelligence (3:15) reckless, technical, hectic
  9. The Restricted Area (4:38) suffering, strange, calm
  10. Trouble (3:34) hectic, brutal, driving
  11. Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (2:55) observing, merciless, vast
  12. Hey! Going Down Means Dying (3:10) uncertain, dangerous, deadly
  13. Blood And Steel (5:38) mighty, mean, militarily
  14. Understand. We Lost Them (2:52) solemn, sad, dramatic
  15. Survivors (4:06) calm, certain, determined
  16. Abandoned Vessel (3:08) strange, threatening, disturbing
  17. A Reckless Chase (5:09) fast, reckless, hectic
  18. The Uninvited (2:04) reverent, threatening
  19. A New World? (4:06) optimistic, rising, shimmering
  20. S I L I C I U M (5:39) solemn, impressive, open

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