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AQUA | Into The Blue II

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A Symphony of Life

Our adventurous journey below the waterline.

The ocean - the origin of life. The music of this concept album orchestrates the marvelous world of the unknown beyond the surface. We encounter the wonders and dangers, the magic and the adventure of unexplored worlds.


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Soon life loses its strength down here.
In the deep, the deepest, blue absorbed.
built of billions of tiny beings,
soaked up by a far away power. 

The sinking life refuses to sustain its grip.
but shining silvery it infuses this different place.
a glittering shoal shimmering, like a snow-covered woodland.
Life multiplies, flows and dances with a trillion wild bodies.

Far and yet in familiar beauty.
there lies danger in this spectacle.
in the last foreign light however everything shines bright,
even in the darkest of blacks, sounds strong and clear
the symphony of life.

We all have a responsibility to protect this world. From the proceeds of each Aqua CD we will donate 10% to CRRU, a Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit in Scotland, a whale research and rescue organization in Scotland, in which Eva-Maria is involved..

  1. The Ocean (1:58) – einleitend
  2. The Origin of Life (4:00) – episch, erwartungsvoll
  3. Shallow Waters (3:18) – fließend, schwebend
  4. The Dolphins’ Coast (3:52) – rhythmisch, lebendig
  5. Exciting Chase (3:30) – imposant, schnell
  6. Strong Current, Large Shoals (3:54) – gleitend, treibend
  7. Off Shore (3:40) – sanft, fließend  
  8. Sinking (2:55) – sphärisch, ruhig
  9. Aquatic Life (3:46) – anmutig, getragen 
  10. Deeper (3:48) – geheimnisvoll, unwirklich
  11. Predators (3:06) – kaltblütig, urtümlich
  12. Streams and Storms (3:50) – drängend, gefährlich
  13. Kings of the Deep (4:45) – anmutig, majestätisch
  14. Beyond the Rays of the Sun (2:15) – unwirklich, ungewiss
  15. A Light in the Dark (5:54) – hoffnungsvoll, verheißend
  16. Kraken (3:20) – fremdartig, unerbittlich
  17. Black Smokers (2:06) – verheißungsvoll, rhythmisch
  18. Like Demons and Fairies (3:20) – unheimlich, bezaubernd
  19. Abyss (4:09) – mächtig, anmutig
  20. Pitch Black (3:20) –  einsam, verloren 
  21. Is There Anything Beyond? (3:50) – fragend, unwirklich
  22. The Last of Their Kind (4:23) – hoffnungsvoll, sich steigernd

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