Its the desire,

to composed fantastic music for your roleplaying games and more.

The Library Of Fantastic Music


Per Dittmann, Andreas Petersen, Eva-Maria Irek

We are musicians from Hamburg, Germany. Our symphonic soundtracks are composed as a background for pen & paper and Role-Playing Games. 

Our music plays an active role. It describes and drives the gameplay. But apart from that, it is a dynamic composition, which you can enjoy even without dice at hand. More music is yet to come. The games have just begun.

Alongside elves we stroll through green meadows, fight gory wars for kings, proudly conquer the wide ocean and never back away from the unspeakable in the deepest darkness. In narrow alleys, we lurk for gold, we travel to an uncertain future, brave the eternal ice and are curious about the foreign people in the worlds we discover.

“Music for adventure in your mind.â€